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D I S Contractors has a vast portfolio of PV Solar installations for domestic clients, schools, colleges and businesses, with projects both large and small.

With energy bills soaring in uncertain financial times, now is the perfect time to meet us to discuss a review of your energy needs.

D I S Contractors is a well established MCS accredited company with fully qualified PV Solar engineers with over 20 years experience of Electrical and Building projects.

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PV Solar - good for the planet, good for your wallet

Our new lowest ever priced Solar Electricity Systems!

Get a 16 panel, 4kWp systems for just £5,200!

Solar electricity systems use energy from the sun and convert this into electricity, which can then be used in the home with the excess exported to the National Grid.

Why switch to solar electricity?

  • Generate electricity from converted solar energy
  • Earn up to £494 in FiT payment per year*
  • Total tax-free income from FiT and export £13,229 over 20 years*
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions
  • Improve your home’s Energy Performance Certificate

Under the new Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme, your energy supplier pays you for every unit of electricity your solar panel system generates, whether you use it in your home or export it to the National Grid.

Even better, you can keep the electricity you generate to use in your home, which could make a significant difference to your annual electricity bill.

PLUS as the FiT is index-linked your investment in this green renewable energy technology will always track the rate of inflation.

We install PV Solar systems and you get paid for generating your own electricity plus make savings with the feed in tariff scheme!

We supply and install Solar Photovoltaic systems which generate clean and efficient electricity.


We are committed to providing you with the best service, price and after sales service.

Here's just a few reasons why we are the first choice for taking care of your project:

  • Local (Lincoln) company
  • On grid and off grid systems
  • MCS Registered Company (NAP 15264)
  • Fully qualified personnel
  • No subcontractors
  • Feed in tariff guaranteed for 20 years
  • High return on investment
  • 1 years warranty on parts and labour
  • 12 years warranty on solar panels

The Feed-in Tariff Generates An Income In Three Ways:

  • PV Micro-generators will be paid for every kWh or 'unit' they generate
  • Get paid an additional guaranteed export rate for what is not consumed and sold back to the grid (wholesale rate, 3p per kWh)
  • Plus you have significant savings on your electricity bill


A solar photovoltaic system can be mounted onto most types of domestic property to help power your home and reduce your use of carbon based fuels.

A south facing roof can have panels mounted onto the roof to maximise the energy capture or panels can be mounted in your garden using mounting structures that enable the panels to be angled and orientated in the most optimal direction.

In a new build or renovation application the roof material itself can comprise of solar tiles offering the best possible appearance


See how much you can earn and save with a DIS Solar electricity system:

Example solar electricity pack sizes, savings and earnings

System Size (kWp)

FiT Generation^

Export Rate*


Total Income & Savings Year 1

DIS Solar system price**







Please note that all prices quoted are for guidelines only and should not be relied upon and are not inclusive of 5%VAT.

Explanation: These figures are for guidelines only and should not be relied upon:

These figures are for guidelines only and should not be relied upon:

^Estimated annual payments are based on earnings from the Feed-in Tariff rates as of the 01 April 2014. Changes made to the Feed-in Tariff by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (

*Please note:

- Export Figures based on 50% of the total output being exported to the National Grid.

- Savings are based on 50% of the total output being used in the home.

- Source: SAP2009 v9.90, the Standard Assessment Procedure used by Government, designed by the Building Research Establishment. SAP solar irradiates values are based on measurements taken in Northern England (e.g. Sheffield). If you live south of this you should expect higher returns, but if you live North of this you should expect lower returns.

- Prices of electricity used in this example are 14p/kWh.

- Under the rules no export meter is required, so customers are deemed to use and export 50% respectively of electricity they generate in our examples. However, the system will be read by an electricity company at some stage to make corrections.

- These figures are for guidelines only and should not be relied upon.

**Subject to assessment and additional works required



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    • …this long working relationship and corresponding history of the University College’s service requirements has been invaluable on many occasions. I have absolutely no reservations whatsoever in recommending this company.

      Bishop Grosseteste University

    • ....."We have used DIS Contractors for a number of years mainly for electrical repair/installation work but also for minor building projects, office fit-outs etc. We have always enjoyed working with Joe Bennett and his team and find them responsive and reliable..."

      Daniel Race - Hodgson Elkington LLP

    • ...."We have used DIS as our electrical contractors for more than 10 years. During this period they have carried out a full range of electrical works for us ranging from major installations to minor alterations to electrical circuits etc. We have always been more than satisfied with the standard of their work and have found them an attentive and professional company to deal with at all times. I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone else...."

      HSE & Facilities Manager - Battle Hayward & Bowers