Save with LED & Induction lighting

D I S Contractors' lights division offers specialist design, supply and installation of home LED, commercial LED and industrial LED  and Induction lighting solutions.

Reduce energy costs and protect the environment.

Our fully qualified lighting design team ensure that we focus on reduction of energy costs, with quality product whilst maintaining the required lighting levels.

D I S Contractors gives every client certainty that their project will be delivered to their complete satisfaction, fulfilling their objectives on timing, quality and budget.

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LED & Induction lighting - reduce your power consumption. Save.

  • The D I S Contractors' LED & Induction lighting division offer specialist design, supply and installation of home LED, commercial LED and industrial LED / Induction lighting solutions.
  • Our fully qualified lighting design team ensure that we focus on reduction of your energy costs whilst maintaining the required standard of maintained illuminant's according to the latest CIBSE guidelines.
  • LED & Induction lighting is proving to be a very efficient modern alternative, and has many benefits, over traditional light sources.
  • The most apparent advantage of LED & Induction lighting is the reduction in power consumption; Induction luminaries are much more efficient and therefore can significantly reduce your buildings overall power consumption.

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Induction lighting with an average operational life span of 100,000 hours, the Induction technology means reduced maintenance and re-lamping costs – this is particularly relevant in areas that require the hire of access equipment to allow the change of lamps. 100,000 hours equates to 14 years if the luminaries are illuminated 12 hours a day. When compared with other solutions such as solar panels, solar thermal and air source heat pumps it’s clear to see that this is a great entry level renewable energy product due to the initial investment level and ROI (Return on Investment)

A further advantage is that LED lighting is able to achieve 100% light output instantly, unlike traditional discharge lighting and fluorescent lamps that take time to warm up to achieve their optimum light output. The LED technology is also able to switch on and off frequently without causing any detriment to the chip or light engine. These two characteristics mean that the LED luminaries are ideal to be used with presence detection lighting controls, meaning that an already efficient lighting installation can be improved even further.

Domestic Led Lights

In addition to this, the led lights operate at a much cooler temperature than the traditional lamps. Consequently, this can reduce the amount of energy used by air conditioning units in controlling air temperature. The benefits of LED lighting alone have their own merit, however coupled with solar PV, we can offer a complete package which is not only beneficial to the end user but also to the environment.

Led Lights the Commercial Figures

Lighting typically accounts for 22% to 30% of commercial energy consumption, with retail properties using 37% and hospitals using 50% or more of their electricity on lighting. For every £100,000 spent on electricity, that translates into between £22,000 and £50,000 spent on lighting. Since, Led lights can reduce the cost so significantly, the payback typically comes between just two and four years for commercial properties. For property areas that operate 24/7, the payback is often inside a year and half!  

LED Lighting Commercial

Our teams of electricians are experienced with changing lighting products in commercial premises, industrial units, schools and colleges, as well as domestic applications throughout Lincolnshire.

Lighting accounts for at least 40% of the total cost of many electricity bills. Here are 10 great benefits of using LED Lighting:

  • Reduction of between 60%-90% off your current electric lighting bill.
  • Reduction in annual maintenance costs of between 70% & 90%
  • Low energy consumption
  • Carbon reduction
  • Improve performance of your lighting, low noise, and heat output
  • Potential to secure and interest funds for purchase from carbon trust
  • LED produce more light per watt than ordinary light bulbs
  • Lifespan LED lights last on average 50KW Hours, 5 times longer than florescent bulbs, 30 times longer than halogen bulbs
  • Incandescent and Florescent bulbs are fragile - LED’s are made with solid state components making it difficult to break with external shock
  • Toxicity - LED lights do not contain mercury, unlike florescent lamps

 Electrical Services We Provide:

 LED cost justification including payback times for your business

  • Lighting circuits aligned for maximum efficiency throughout
  • Complete managed maintenance services
  • Upgrading fittings and lamps 
  • Complete design and legislation check
  • Other great energy saving tips from our trained energy assessors.
  • All works by NICEIC approved contractor

Contact us for a free energy assessment and to find out how much money and time you can save on your lighting energy bills. 

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