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D I S Contractors is one of the key providers of micro-renewables in Lincolnshire.

Whether you are looking for solar, heat pump or biomass boilers, DIS Energy will ensure that you have the right product for the job.

We offer a full technical service, from design and specification, through to sales and installation.

We bring this commitment to quality to our renewables installations and believe that this sets us apart from most of the businesses operating in this sector.

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Heating, Biomass & Water Harvesting -
reduce your energy usage, save on your bills


A Biomass boiler is designed to burn wood chip or wood pellets rather than more traditional fuels such as gas or oil. The technology is well proven.  It is widely adopted in Europe as a primary source of heating for commercial and domestic properties. 

A Biomass boiler is a direct replacement to an existing boiler, which is controlled in the same way, based on heat demand.  Biomass boilers need no daily attention and require minimal maintenance and are therefore a highly reliable method of heating.  Accordingly, it can be used as the primary heating source without the need for a back-up-boiler.

Water Harvesting system

Capturing water is now very topical in the UK with drought conditions in place through wide swathes of the UK. 

Harvesting water is a simple solution to harvest rainfall.  A tank is set into the ground and rainwater is collected from any rainwater source. 

This water is filtered to remove debris such as leaves and a pump will draw water from the ground holding tank into the households WC’s.  Additionally, UV or carbon filters can be used to provide clean water for dishwashers or washing machines, dependant on quality of the roof water.  The collected water can also be used to irrigate the garden or to wash cars. 

Rainwater harvesting is seriously worth considering as it is likely that water companies will be fitting water meters throughout the UK. 

Save money and help the environment.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps use ambient air to generate heat. Heat from the air is absorbed into a fluid, which is pumped through a heat exchanger and passed on to a storage cylinder. The heat from this cylinder can then be used for heating or hot water applications. 

They are usually easier and cheaper than ground source heat pumps to install, but slightly less efficient. They remain however, an efficient method of generating useful heat energy.  Contact us to discuss whether an air source heat pump is the best alternative for you.

  • Reduction in fuel bills. 
  • Renewable Heating Incentive for 20 years. 

Ground Source Heat Pump 

At a depth of 1.5 meters below the ground the temperature remains at a fairly constant 10°C to 15°C. 

In order to extract the heat from the ground one can dig a trench to a depth of 1.5 meters or greater and lay a plastic coil pipe in the trench or drill a deep borehole and install a long heat extraction probe.  

The pipes are filled with a water/glycol mix and connected to the heat pump. 

The heat pump extracts the low temperature heat from the ground via the water/glycol mix and delivers it to a thermal store for future use as hot water, heating, or cooling.

Ground source heat pumps are generally more efficient than air source heat pumps, but more expensive.

Contact us to discuss whether a ground source heat pump is the best alternative for you.

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