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D I S Contractors design a wide range of fire alarm projects including: full networks, addressable systems, radio fire alarms, standalone conventional fire alarms and mains power smoke detectors.

Our design engineers work as closely with the installation team as they do with their fellow designers to ensure that projects are completed on time and to the highest specification.

Whether or not you choose to use our installation services, you can be assured that the plans we've provided will satisfy your business needs in the most effective and efficient manner.

We keep our team on the forefront of industry trends by regularly investing in both training and technology.  Our engineers and designers are required to stay current with BS Standards and Approved Codes of Practice.

For the peace of mind that comes from choosing an experienced team, chose DIS Contractors.

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Fire alarm systems protect both life and property.

Fire alarm systems fall into two main categories, manual fire alarm systems and automatic fire detection systems.

A manual alarm system, which consists of break glass units and alarm sounders connected to a control panel, can only be operated and the alarm raised, if activated by a person discovering a fire incident.

An automatic system comprises of smoke and heat detectors, in addition to break glass units and alarm sounders connected to a control panel. Automatic systems have the ability to raise the alarm regardless of the presence of occupants, which provides an early warning of a fire incident.

The full design criteria for fire alarm and detection systems is laid down in BS5839: Part 1: 2002 and provides specific guidance on all aspects of fire alarm and detection from design, supply, installation, commissioning, test and routine maintenance.

The design of a system varies considerably depending on the type of premises to be protected and the level of protection required. As with any life safety (or business critical system) it is important that the finished item is efficient and reliable.

Our work is carried out to the highest standard and is delivered on time and on budget.  You can rely on DIS Contractors.

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Fire Alarm Design

Guides and Codes of Practice relevant to fire detection and alarms

The categories of systems for a building

Property Protection Fire Systems

P AFD designed to primarily protect property categories:

P1 AFD installed throughout all areas

P2 AFD installed only in defined areas

Life Protection Fire Systems

L AFD designed to primarily protect human life categories:

L1 M plus AFD installed throughout all areas

L2 AFD installed in defined areas of higher risk of ignition, in addition to L3

L3 M plus AFD installed in escape routes and rooms opening into these routes

L4 M plus AFD installed in escape routes comprising circulation areas and space such as corridors and stairways

L5 A non-prescriptive system in which protected area(s) and/or the location of detectors is designed to satisfy a specific fire risk objective (other than that of L1 to L4)

M System designed to be operated manually (no AFD) AFD - Automatic Fire Detection

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