Wireless Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Installations

D I S Contractors are not only installers of conventional, addressable fire alarm systems but are also installers of radio fire alarm systems, also known as wireless or wire-free technology. Particularly suited to locations where wire connections are unsightly or impractical, radio fire alarms provide highly effective protection from fire.

Long-life, wire-free installations are ideal for preserving the fabric of older buildings. Wireless fire alarm systems are also the ideal solution in large buildings such as hospitals where lengthy cable routes would impose needless extra cost or where an installation needs to be free of disruption.

About wireless systems

The wire free devices are battery powered and provide long lasting, reliable and sophisticated technology. Radio alarms are perfect for heritage buildings as well as for those that would suffer from the disruption of added cable routes such as hospitals or schools.

Example project : The Bishops Manor at Southwell Notts is a Grade II listed building.  The only cable installed was the fused spur for the panel.

       The battery life of call points and smoke detectors can be up to ten years.

       Sounders have a design life of between five and seven years depending on the selected model.