Changes to Fire Alarm Systems BS5839-1 :2013

Changes to BS5839-1

Sub clause 4.2 c) has been added to recommend that:

“Where occupants of a building are going to need assistance from staff to evacuate the building (e.g. in residential care premises and hospitals), the fire detection and fire alarm system should be addressable if the building has facilities for more than ten people to sleep.”

Fatal Accident Inquiry

The findings of a Fatal Accident Inquiry following a fire with multiple fatalities determined that some or all of the deaths could have been avoided if a suitable zone plan had been provided adjacent to the control & indicating equipment (CIE).

Sub clause 6.1

In view of this, sub clause 6.1 advises that the responsibility for the provision of a zone plan should be “defined at an early stage in the planning of an installation.”

The clause 23 commentary further amplifies the importance of zone plans stating that:
“Accordingly, it is important to ensure that a suitable zone plan is provided adjacent to all CIE (including any repeat control and/or indicating equipment), unless the CIE incorporates a suitable display (e.g. an illuminated mimic diagram).”

Further guidance on the provision of zone plans is given in sub clauses 42.2 b)5), 46.2 b)10) and 47.2 i). This is reflected in the sample acceptance certificate in H.4.

Sub clause 7.2 e)

Now recommends that where major non-compliances (as defined in sub clause 46.2) are identified as agreed variations then they “should be clearly recorded in the logbook so that they are readily available for future reference by maintenance companies and any other interested parties.”

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