Eligibility for the RHPP

Eligibility for the RHPP

Householders in properties not heated by gas from the Grid can apply for the RHPP if they:
· Currently use oil, liquid gas, solid fuel or electricity for heating (although ALL householders can apply for solar thermal panels)
· Live in England, Scotland or Wales(for Northern Ireland go online and search for “DETI RHPP”)
· Have installed a renewable heating system after 21 July 2011
· Have installed loft and cavity wall insulation, where possible. Householders also need to have undertaken a Green Deal Assessment before they submit their claim for payment


RHPP Reminder: Help your customers cut the cost of their renewable heat…

Last chance for householders who want to make the most of the Government’s one-off grant designed to help meet the costs of installing renewable technologies in homes across the country.


The Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme will close on March 31st 2014 and householders are encouraged to apply now before it’s too late. Grants of up to £2,300 are available for householders to help pay for new renewable heating systems.

Vouchers will be valid until 31 March 2014  when all required paperwork will need to be submitted for payment  to the Energy Saving Trust. No extensions will be available to this deadline. 

A leaflet has now been developed to explain the benefit of applying in customer friendly language and where to go for more information.  Download some today and share with your customers. 

 RHPP Leaflet

 RHI Products Reminder

The MCS Helpdesk has been receiving an increasing number of phone calls regarding what products will be eligible for the RHI and whether all MCS products do qualify.  Please be aware that not all MCS certified products will be eligible for the domestic RHI and that additional criteria will be applied. A full list of RHI eligible products will be released prior to the launch of the RHI.  At this time we are unsure where this list will be published.

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