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The Technology Explained

Across Europe the agreed statutory range for voltage is 207V to 253V with the UK voltage typically being 245V. Household appliances must be designed to operate satisfactorily within the European statutory range, however, many of the appliances we use regularly will use less energy at lower voltages.

The VPhase unit reduces and stabilises the voltage at the property to a level within statutory limits but below the voltage that is usually supplied by power companies, in the UK the VPhase output is typically 220V. This eliminates 'over voltage', which is a costly and unnecessary waste of energy and ensures many electrical appliances use less electricity and cost less to run, as well as cutting carbon emissions.

As a result homeowners can achieve immediate and significant energy savings for the whole home with a single VPhase fitted to the consumer unit (fuse box). Based on our back to back tests, on appliances such as fridges and freezers a VPhase unit can deliver a massive saving of up to 17%. VPhase also delivers savings on lighting, washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers, televisions and a whole range of other electrical appliances.

The amount of energy saved is device specific, for example: testing by VPhase on fridges and freezers shows 17%, 15% on normal light bulbs and 10% on energy saving light bulbs. One digital cordless phone showed an extraordinary saving of 44%. Savings will vary dependent incoming voltage and individual devices.

Further savings can be made on washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers, televisions and numerous other electrical appliances across the whole house.

Typically, whole house savings are in the region of up to 12% - which means, household electricity bills will be around 10% less each year.

Unlike Smart Meters, which require a change in lifestyle, or solar and wind power that are focused on renewable energy production as opposed to preventing energy waste, VPhase Voltage Optimisation is a fit and forget solution that once installed will operate silently and unobtrusively, lowering and stabilising household voltage, saving money, reducing CO2 emissions and preventing energy waste